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Wish Lists

What is a Wish list ?
These are what features you as an end user would like to see in future releases of the specific program.
I wish program X would support operating system Y
Program X could really do with search button

How can I help ?
When using a foss product make short notes on functions and features you would like to see in future releases.
Think about how relevant they are to the product as opposed to you personally and submit them.
It is best to submit them to dedicated message boards like the ones found at for most projects.
Don't expect your new feature to be available in the next release, these things take time and effort.
Look at the wish lists for foss projects, is there anything you can contribute?
Logos, color schemes, documentation, how-tos, code etc.

Issues with Wish Lists
One problem with wish lists is that sometimes the authors do not want to worry about adding all the fun extras and want to get the core functionality and stability working 100%.
This also back fires if the enthusiastic author codes all the extras at the expense of core functionality and stability.

A large wish list 'may' encourage others to join the project to help with the extras, or could scare off new users thinking the product does not have what they want.
Remember, a good program does a few things very well rather than lots of things poorly.
This is what I love about chaining command line tools, they do exactly what they say on the tin!
cat ls tee tr tac head tail cut ...

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