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FOSS, Free and Open Source software is all about give and take, where the give is purely optional and the take is free software for all.
many people look at FOSS and say "I like/use it but I am not a programmer so I can give nothing back" this website is designed to to dispel that myth and show how anyone can get involved and *pay* for foss.
I created this website to try and give something back.

How can I help ?
Even if you are a programmer you may not have time or inclination to support foss projects with code, no problem there are many ways to contribute.
Including media - fun with graphics sound and presentation right the way through project management, bug reporting to documentation writing, and the cop-out money.

If you really want you could help me maintain this website, I know there are spelling a grammar mistakes, but where are they ? what other links and resources a can we point people too?

All the pages here at are released into the public domain, meaning simply there is no restrictions on their use or miss-use.
Any links leading to pages external of the server are provided in good faith but can not be garentied to lead to where you expect them to.
If you have any questions please review the FAQ before trying to contact me.

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