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What sort of Support ?
What I am talking about here is the 'real time' support of forums and mailing lists, but of course supporting a foss project can mean many things.
Common support requests include;
I get error XYZ when building from source
Will XYZ support the Z feature of my Y hardware ?

How can I help ?
If you know the answer to a question or the resolution to a problem, spend two minutes getting your facts straight and post the answer.
Built-in boards, mailing lists and authors in-boxes are often inundated with new users unsure where to turn asking the same questions.
Rather than ignoring them for being ignorant offer some support, you could even build a FAQ to refer them too.

Remember to double check your sources before posting, there is nothing worse than a usenet posting that has been around for ten years that has had a miss-typed link in it from day one.
This sort of support is one of the easiest ways of paying for foss, as you are just imparting knowledge you have gleaned while using the product/system to help others.
if you are feeling adventurous check out IRC, a simple online chat room system that has been around almost as long as the internet. Projects often have a dedicated channel and even a dedicated server.

All the pages here at are released into the public domain, meaning simply there is no restrictions on their use or miss-use.
Any links leading to pages external of the server are provided in good faith but can not be garentied to lead to where you expect them to.
If you have any questions please review the FAQ before trying to contact me.

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