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This is what FOSS it is all about "community", the coming of together and sharing of ideas.
These "ideas" could be criticism, support, suggestions, comments or just banter.
There are lots of places to find "community", from the physical (lugs,shows), virtual chat rooms, irc, message boards and mailing lists to simple web pages and snail mail.

My favourite place to see emerging software is freshmeat

Although slightly off topic there is a lot of community at slashdot

How can I become part of the community ?
"community" is all about what you put in, if you are friendly and supportive then you can expect the same in return. If no one puts anything into the community then it quickly drys up and shrivels.
Supporting the community just by being visible shows your willingness to the cause.
Even if you are not technical you can be helpful in the community as you learn more from others and the overall knowledge pool grows.

Communities are living evolving entities, each is different and individual.
Look, learn, involve !

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