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What is a tutorial ?
A tutorial is more than a how-to and can be seen as more like a lesson in the products usage, enabling the user to build upon their experience.
The blender animation rigging system works like so.
Here is how I created my python script to perform XYZ

How can I help ?
First make sure you understand the product otherwise your tutorial may end up being counter productive.
Check to see if anyone else has already created a tutorial on the specific area you wish to cover.
(Either build on the original or clearly link it so others may find it).
Review any formalised request the project has on tutorials, i.e. tutorials must be contain XYZ sections conforming to a common look and feel.
Feel passionate about what you are doing, pour your soul into it so others may prosper.

Tutorials are much more hard work than how-tos as they try to be an authoritative source of information.
But when tutorials become popular the author can be become much beloved and supported by the community.

All the pages here at are released into the public domain, meaning simply there is no restrictions on their use or miss-use.
Any links leading to pages external of the server are provided in good faith but can not be garentied to lead to where you expect them to.
If you have any questions please review the FAQ before trying to contact me.

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