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How-To a How-To
A How-To differs from a tutorial in its use of not (necessarily) one single product and one single goal.
How-To get a cherry linux keyboard working
How-To setup a build environment for the Sharp Zaurus

How can I help ?
Where tutorials are lessons in a products use, how-tos are instructions in a process (does not even have to be computer related).
As with tutorials it is important to get your facts straight, but it is not so important to explore every possibility(although that would be nice).

To write a how-to simply write down the steps necessary complete a task. It helps to actually follow your How-To as you write it, to make sure you do not miss anything, thats what I did with my cherry linux keyboard How-to and is a top hit for the search linux cymotion

How-Tos are the back-bone of the foss movement, anything is better than nothing, they are possibly the easiest form of documentation to write.
If you spent time resolving an issue and think others would appreciate the knowledge(or you might forget in the future), write a How-To and be happy that you made the world a better place. (ahhh)

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