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This is the big one, a major hole in the FOSS world.
Even if projects have manuals/man files they are often out of date as it takes time and dedication to maintain them.
Manuals need to have (commonly) at least ;

  • Intro: What is the project/file, commonly also found in the README file.
  • Usage: command switches, etc
  • How to compile , dependencies commonly in the INSTALL file
  • Detailed usage instructions and preferably examples, coding info(how plug ins work), etc
I would like to know what the command line switches are.

What does config files does this use ?

How can I help ?
Availability in other languages(localisation) is good start.

The axiom "something is better than nothing" fits well here, if you research an issue and resolve it and it is not a bug nor an ideal candidate for a howto or tutorial or faq then it maybe suited for manual/man pages inclusion. "Build your forts defences with knowledge and watch it stand"

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