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Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs can be found on almost any subject not just software. They consolidate a number of commonly asked questions with relevant answers. FAQs can be long or short and if one does not meet your requirements the author can often be persuaded to update it.

New users are always emailing about function X...

This compile route is fraught with pitfalls.

How can I help ?
First and foremost, make use of existing FAQs, any problem you get may have already been addressed in the projects own FAQ.
There is nothing worse than getting asked the same question over and over again and over again
All projects including non FOSS ones will generate questions from users and a FAQ is the ideal place to point new users.
FAQs answers are usually short and to the point, often simply being "yes" or "no", as the details is held in the initial question.

FAQs are an easy option to get away from writing manuals and other documentation or rounding off support for a project. I have often read the projects FAQ when I have no questions just to see what the most common issues are.

All the pages here at are released into the public domain, meaning simply there is no restrictions on their use or miss-use.
Any links leading to pages external of the server are provided in good faith but can not be garentied to lead to where you expect them to.
If you have any questions please review the FAQ before trying to contact me.

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