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Project Management
The bigger the project gets, from building a house to creating kde etc huge FOSS projects require management.
Whether that be automated scripts like configure/make or just someone to take responsibility for making sure everything gets done.
The main programmer often takes the responsibility on and retains creative control but this then takes his/her time away from actual coding/development. and what is needed is a project manager to simply guide the project and all who sail in her.

How can I code my project when 43 other people want to actively contribute?

5000 source files ...

How can I help ?
If you can provide the time and dedication try being a manager.
Sometimes all that is required is for a single point of contact to allow the contributers to manage themselves.

Respect any management that may exist but do not be afraid to put new ideas forward, try and have fun while managing your time, either as a project manager or a member of the community.

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