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I thought the 'F' in foss stood for free ?
foss is as free as it can be (read the GPL or licence agreement that comes with your foss program). But that does not mean it can not benefit from money, cash, cheques, funding etc.
The server hosting project X costs me Z per month to run.

I want to quit my job to support project Y 100%

How can I help ?
Many A large number of foss projects have "donation" buttons somewhere on the web site, but many more still hide the fact they could really do with cash support.
Even my dad has paid for shareware products on the PC and this is growing industry (mainly microsoft OS centric), so why are we so adversed to paying a small amount for every little thing we use?
One of the things I dislike about shareware is the way you are asked up front (starting the program) or after X number of days, I will only pay for a product that I use regularly and think is worth it.
Many PC (mainly microsoft OS centric) shareware products ask for $10/$19.95 etc when the program is not worth the bits its printed on and the foss community are enjoying the same functionality for free.
First of all it would add up quickly and secondly we (as a collective whole of internet users) do not like spending online, due to all the security risks and scams.
Does that mean we should make a point of not giving money to foss projects?
Its never that simple, if some projects do not get some monetary support then they may well fail and disappear.
And there is also the scam artist pretending to offer something for nothing and asking for donations.
In my opinion foss projects should ask for donations but in a subtle manor not in your face when you try and download the project for the first time.

Give a little as it is more than nothing and make sure the donations route is safe (check the links/page security/authors history etc). do not be afraid to donate links to common projects that could use donations

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