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Why Pay4FOSS ?
I wanted to pay for foss but found my time and coding skills were not up to much, so I conceived this, something I have never seen before. An easy to read and access dedicated site showing a large number of constructive ways foss users can pay for their *Free* software.

It would be nice if other foss orientated sites linked to this one with one of the banners below, but I am not forcing anyone.

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Why the Penguin ?
Ah, you have caught me there, the penguin is not in fact the symbol for FOSS but of Linux.
(Penguin Image)

Although not true for everyone, I find Linux is the most well known FOSS project, but others exist such as GNU, but are not so publicly known.

This site ...
I would have loved to have used PHP to create dynamic pages run off a MySQL database with content management etc, but there was no need, I had vi and bash. I wrote simple scripts that build the pages from basic templates and then manually upload them to the server.

If anyone would like to do translations I am more than happy to host them (please do not just fish translations !)  

Me ?
I am just your average geek with limited time and skills


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