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Frequently Asked Questions about the website

Why Pay4FOSS ?
The name had to be catchy, short and meaningful.

Why the Penguin ?
Although the penguin is mostly associated with Linux a lot of people assume it also means free software and its nice.

Why the Dollar ?
The dollar symbol is recognised universally where as the Yen and Pound sign are not.

Whats with all the Linux then ?
My main experience of FOSS has been Linux, that not to say I have not used the GIMP and many other FOSS products on windows and other platforms.

Why the very basic design ?
It was pointless to make it any more complicated than it had to be.

Why you ?
Good question, the answer is simple I want to pay for my FOSS and keep FOSS free for all.

Where can I contact you ?
contact page

Why the sun beam and eye ?
anime and Japan, next question.

All the pages here at are released into the public domain, meaning simply there is no restrictions on their use or miss-use.
Any links leading to pages external of the server are provided in good faith but can not be garentied to lead to where you expect them to.
If you have any questions please review the FAQ before trying to contact me.

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