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Media ?
Many of the smaller foss projects find it difficult to produce a fully rounded, ready product.
Often the project is simply an extension of a tool the author needed but could not find available elsewhere.
They would love to have a nice colourful web site and splash screen logo, a mascot etc, but do not have the time or possibly the skills/interest to create them.
This game really needs some funky music
If the project Y web site had a better layout maybe it would get more exposure.

What can I do ?
Look for the need, does a foss project you like have an unusable web site, dodgy graphics, missing icons etc?
Is the author happy to let someone else dictate how these things look/sound ?
Creating media, be it sound, graphics etc for free should be fun and enjoyable, use it as an excuse to try your hand at 3D rendering or graphic design.

There are many MANY foss projects in need of fun practical media and many MANY foss projects that will help you create them with as little hassle as possible.
Like the 3D renderer blender or the 2D gimp or hundreds of others.

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